Tiago Ferreira is an extraordinary athlete, the world champion of the marathon ends in second place for only 1 second, arriving behind the Austrian Alban Lakata.


First race and first podium for the front model Protek 29Victoria, the new Protek  frame in carbon monocoque, Boost, Super Light, made in Italy.


Good performance for the rest of the Team:

  • Periklis Ilias returned in great shape after a long period of illness, ranked 13th on the Protek 29Victoria.
  • Jirka Novak ranked 23rd on the model Protek V9c


We can only be satisfied and thank everyone for these great emotions.

Top 5 results

Rank Name Nat. Age* Result PaR PcR
1 Alban LAKATA AUT 38 3:17:24 10 10
2 Tiago FERREIRA POR 29 3:17:25 6 6
3 Daniel GEISMAYR AUT 28 3:17:25 4 4
4 Mathieu VAN DER POEL NED 22 3:20:06 2 2
5 Jaroslav KULHAVÝ CZE 32 3:20:06 1 1