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The Protek team in 2017, becomes DMT Racing Team managed by Team Manager Andrea Marconi. Currently composed of 4 great champions:

– The greek Periklis Ilias World Champion Marathon 2012

– The Portuguese Tiago Ferreira World Champion Marathon 2016

– The Italian Davide Malacarne World Champion CX 2005

– The Czech Jiri Novak


Protek equip own team with 3 top models in carbon:

Our frames are designed for extreme performance, featuring a full carbon frame rigid and ultra light thanks to the use of proprietary technologies and Protek reactive geometry suitable for competition use.

“Our  Elite  Team  is our image in the segment of off-road, all over the world. Fundamental importance in the development of our carbon frames from competition and it is thanks to our top athletes that we can be on the market recognized as among the best in the world “

Season 2017 Started racing in perfect style and the team did not disappoint, bringing home 2 wins out of 2 races. Tiago give demonstration to have fighting spirit and being a Champion among Champions.

February 26 / March 3 – Andalucia Bike Race (SPA) – 1st Place Tiago Ferreira

March 12 – Granfondo of Monteriggioni – 1st Place Tiago Ferreira


Season 2016 The 2016 perfect season for Team Protek Tiago Ferreira in top form, winning in almost all races. Thrilling race in Andalucia Bike Race couples with Team Leader Periklis Ilias. In June his best performance in Laissac where he won the  World Championships Marathon.

3 February – Costa Blanca Bike Race (SPA) – 1° Place Tiago Ferreira

26 February – Andalucia Bike Race (SPA) – 1° Place Team Protek (Periklis Ilias – Tiago Ferreira)

24 April – Tiliment Marathon (ITA) – 3° Place Tiago Ferreira

8 May – Marathon World Series Meda (POR) – 1° Place Tiago Ferreira

15 May – Belgium Marathon Challange (BEL) – 1° Place Tiago Ferreira

26 June – World Championships Marathon (FRA) – 1° Place Tiago Ferreira

Season 2015 A very satisfying season full of excitement until the splendid victory of the Dolomiti Superbike of both Protek athletes. Too bad for an injury of Tiago Ferreira immediately after the superbike dolomites which prevented him to participate in the remaining events of the end season.

11 July – Dolomiti Superbike (ITA) – 1° Place Tiago Ferreira – 2° Place Periklis Ilias

5 July – Campionato dei Balcani – 1° Place Periklis Ilias

4 July – Campionato Nazionale Portoghese XCM – 1° Place Tiago Ferreira

27 June – Sellaronda Hero (ITA) – 4° Place Periklis Ilias

12 June – Alpentour Trophy stage 2 – 2° Place Periklis Ilias

24 May – Campionato Nazionale Greco Marathon (GRE) – 1° Place Periklis Ilias

17 May – Halkidiki Mountain Bike Sage Race – 2° Place Periklis Ilias

10 May – La Rothaus Hegau Bike-Marathon (GER) – 6° Place Tiago Ferreira

11 April – Roc Laissagais (FRA) – 1° Place Tiago Ferreira – 5° Place Ilias Periklis

5 April – Volcat 2015 (SPA) – 1° Place Tiago Ferreira – 7° Place Ilias Periklis

Season 2014

The 2014 season begins triumphantly to the team Protek, which sees their athletes excel in all races. with Portuguese Tiago Ferreira in perfect shape and the world champion Periklis Ilias both riding the prestigious Carbon V9.F.

9 March –  Portugal Marathon BTT Fafe (POR)  –  1° Place  Tiago Ferreira

23 March – Greek National Championships Marathon (GRE)  –   1° Place Perikliss Ilias

23 March – Portugal National Series – Batalha (POR) –  1° Place Tiago Ferreira

30 March – Rampichiana – Cortona (ITA)  – 1° Place Tiago Ferreira

6 April –  MARATHON KAMENJAK ROCKY TRAILS – Premantura (CRO) – 1° Place Tiago Ferreira, 2° Place  Perikliss Ilias

13 April – Tiliment Marathon GF Perikliss Ilias – Spilimbergo(ITA) – 2° Place Tiago Ferreira

18-20 April – Volcat Barcellona (SPA) –  1° Place  Tiago Ferreira

25 April – Over The Hills Festival Bike – Imola 8 (ITA) –  1° Place Tiago Ferreira

27 April –  9 Fossi Marathon – Cingoli (ITA) –  1° Place Tiago Ferreira

3 May –  Bike Festival – Riva del Garda (ITA) –  2° Place Tiago Ferreira

8 June – 4th stage of the cup of Purtugal XCM (POR)  –  1° Place Tiago Ferreira

15 June – European Championships Marathon (IRL) – 5° Place Periklis Ilias

13 July – Dolomiti Superbike (ITA) – 1 Place Periklis Ilias  4 Place Tiago Ferreira

27 July – World Marathon Series (CRO) – 1 Place Tiago Ferreira



The Team Protek approaches PRO in 2001 and in a few years, thanks to the constant collaboration with the brand Protek, manages to build a prestigious sporting heritage, contributing to the growth of the Off Road and the greek first Italian, Ukrainian, Russian and Brazilian onwards. During the 2013 season the team has excelled in 22 international matches, thanks to the ambition to re-enter the top ten in the world ranking reserved for the team. Summary of the most prestigious results:

• 2012:

  • Periklis Ilias: UCI Marathon World Champion.
  • Vera Andreeva: 1st place 3T Bikes
  • Vera Andreeva: 1st place World Cup Marathon – Val di Fassa
  • Periklis Ilias: 3rd place Dolomites Superbikes
  • Periklis Ilias: 3rd place Trophy Alpentour
  • Vera Andreeva: 1st place GF Etruscan Coast
  • Ekaterina Anoshina: 2nd Leg World Cup XCO Houffalize Under 23
  • Periklis Ilias: 1st place UCI Marathon Series Lassagais
  • Ekaterina Anoshina: 1st place UCI Marathon Series Lassagais
  • Ekaterina Anoshina: 1st place U23 World Cup South Africa

2011: Protek back to sponsor the team, after a setback of 3 years. A lot of news, first of all, the selection of athletes to run on a bike 29 “, anticipating a trend that will become ever stronger in the bicycle market. The two captains Periklis Ilias, XCM specialist, and Catriel Soto, a specialist XCO, are enthusiastic about the new product. In 10 months of competitive activity, together with teammates Giorgos Pattes, Dominic Calitz and Artem Shevstov, won 25 races, including 18 international, 3 and 3 National Championships National Marathon in Italy.

  • 2007: Botero leaves the team, leaving the place Ukrainian Igor Bogdan. Igor, Rojas and Becerra Medina are up to 23 victories on the team, taking turns on the podium and reaching as many placings.
  • 2006: year of international change with the Colombian John Jairo Botero, Mario Rojas Rojas and Julian Becerra Medina, protagonists of each race in which they participate, for a total of 18 victories.
  • 2005: Hofer marks many other successes in XCO. Marco Bianco won 4 large fund, and the women, Petra De Biasi has won 6 races.
  • 2004: Cingolani leaves the team. In its place the new athlete of Team Franz Hofer wins 13 victories throughout Italy.
  • 2003: Francesco Cingolani wins the XCO Mountainbike victory in the Italian Championship Under-23 and the convening of the European Graz with Italian National Team.
  • 2002: Mark Paludetti takes part in all the trials of the World Cup and World Cyclo-cross. Andrea Marconi won the Italian Championship-South Centre and numerous victories in national competitions.