About us


Protek was born in 1998, in Loreto Aprutino, in the heart of Abruzzo, from the passion of its founder Antonio Carota. Since it was a small laboratory, committed in the production of light alloy frames, Protek has become an established corporate reality, and its brand is currently known and appreciated in a large part of the world.


The production strategy of the company, which represents its mission as well, lies in the coexistence of a steady search for technological innovation with care in building fully handmade products. Each production phase takes place in the modern plant of Loreto Aprutino and each frame comes from the hands and experience of our craftsmen.

Protek’s guiding principle is a perfect fusion between tradition and innovation, that reflects a real added value regard to competitors.


The focus of our business philosophy is represented by personalization of products and of customer care as well. The consumer is served by our staff with professionalism and helpfulness before and after sale, because our maximum aim consists in ensuring a relationship of confidence and durability. Our greatest success is represented by customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.


Protek supplies road frames, MTB frames, cyclocross and thriatlon frames and then complete bikes collected with the most famous brands components. Our products all belong to an high market segment, but our prices are so competitive that allow the best value pricing.


All our frames are tested directly in competitions, thanks to the cooperation of affirmed cycling champions and all Protek teams.


Protek aspires to expand its brand identity and its brand awareness, developing marketing and sales strategies and engaging several partnerships, especially abroad, in order to assure a great land service.