Protek laboratory is located in a large factory equipped for the production of aluminum and carbon frames.
In the case of an aluminum frame production stages can be divided as follows:
Squaring and alignment
heat treatment
Final inspection.

In the case of a wrapped carbon frame the phases of construction of the frame are different and complex. After the frame has been subjected to the usual notching, welding and alignment steps it is transferred to a special booth processing of carbon, which will be implemented the so-called “wrapping”. This particular technique allows you to strengthen the 3 main joints of the frame. In this way the frame is light, but becomes more resistant.
But we see in detail the stages of the ring:
first of all the craftsmen affix 3 different layers of carbon fiber, the first and last appear as a fabric with a true weave, while the second layer is made of unidirectional carbon fiber. Looking closely at the canvas, in fact, you will notice that all the fibers going in one direction. All the work is done manually and it requires great skill and precision.
Ended this first phase, the frame is covered with a special absorbent material and placed in a machine that recreates the vacuum. At this stage the three layers of carbon fiber are fixed to each other and the whole becomes integral with the frame.
It then goes on a phase of finishing, then painting and final inspection.